Selamat datang ke Rumah Mak Embun. Welcome to Mak Embun’s House.

Rumah Mak Embun is a traditional Melaka house located in the serene village, or kampung, of Bukit Larang, Pernu, Melaka. 

Just like many traditional Melaka houses, our Rumah is divided into three parts, Rumah Ibu, Rumah Tengah and Rumah Bawah (Rumah Dapur).

Rumah Ibu (Mother/Main House)
Rumah Ibu is the core and traditionally is the largest area in the house.  The importance of Rumah Ibu is reflected in the highest floor level in the house. The Tiang Seri, the first column to be raised in the construction of the house and often raised with the accompaniment of a religious ritual is also located in Rumah Ibu.

Our Rumah Ibu consists of :
  • Pangkin – a raised platform seat facing a wooden staircase often used for chit-chatting
  • Anjung – an entrance porch in the front a house often used to greet visitors. Often, visitors or guests are entertained here
  • Serambi – a long and narrow verandah where visitors are often entertained. The Serambi was initially half closed with walls at the end but we have decided to close it with a glass sliding door to enable it to be used as sleeping place too if needed
  • Bilik Tidur – the original and only bedroom of the house has been retained and now come with two single beds 
  • Bilik Air – a modern bathroom and toilet facilities to enable this segment to fully function as a stand-alone single-unit Rumah

Rumah Tengah
Rumah Tengah (Middle House) or sometime is known as Rumah Anak (Child House)  is where most family activities take place and typically connected to Rumah Ibu by Selang or an internal courtyard. Rumah Tengah is multifunctional with minimal partition allowing for the flexible use of space, and for good ventilation and lighting of  the interior.

Our Rumah Tengah greets you with the Tanga Batu, a favourite site for posing for our family photo during festivals like Hari Raya and kenduris (religious feast), a spacious hall for chit-chatting or having tea, bedroom with King size bed and Bilik Air.

Rumah Bawah
Rumah Bawah (Lower House) is named because it is a concrete building and build on the same level with the ground and not on stilt. This is where dapur (hence sometime known as Rumah Dapur) or kitchen is located. Traditionally, cooking, washing and eating are done here where meals are usually taken on the floor.

View from the Rumah Bawah verandah

We have turned the Rumah Bawah as a single stand-alone unit with a modern twist. The unit consists of:
  • Kitchen area 
  • Dining – two dining tables for eating and occasional chitchatting
  • Bilik Tidur – Two bedrooms, one with King-sized bed and attached bathroom, and one with two single beds and shared bathroom
  • Hall – space for lounging and TV
  • Verandah – roofed open porch that serve as entrance for family as well as space for lounging and watching the kids play in the open ground.